Do Cool Things Responsibly



Not Yellow plants one tree in a rain forest for every product sold. Planted by local workers, these trees help to shape a more sustainable future for all! In addition, our entire line is made of eco-friendly materials sourced from certified partners to ensure that you're getting sustainable, ethical and ecological clothing that reflects your desire to live in the vibrancy of the color yellow while living Not Yellow.


Not Yellow is a sustainable clothing line that only works with certified eco-friendly vendors and manufacturers. We partner with sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers that want to be part of the solution for a sustainable future. The result is durable, high-performance clothing and unique designs that look and feel amazing. All of our dyes and prints are certified eco-friendly. That means you cannot be yellow when it comes to standing up for the planet while wearing clothes that give you the confidence to make your life the adventure it was meant to be!


Our clothing brand was founded on a desire to do something different. So, we partner with manufacturers that are committed to ending the practices of using resource-destroying fabrics, toxic dyes and unethical labor to produce clothing. We have gone to great lengths to confidently say that our clothing does no harm. Not Yellow boldly proclaims that there's a better, more sustainable way.


In addition, we pride ourselves on selling the most comfortable, durable clothing that fits just as it should. We believe that you shouldn't have to choose sustainable or comfortable. Our clothing is both.


Your fashion shouldn't steal the future from others. Live the Not Yellow way.